Jack Yurich  //  Co-Founder & CEO

Change Agent/Driver of the Driven.  The guy that's not afraid to tell you the truth. If you want to be pushed to the next level, then Jack's the guy! He gets the best out of people and understands how to build strong, long-lasting relationships. 

With over 30 years as a sales & marketing pioneer in the technology & consumer products industries, Jack has continuously delivered breakthrough results his clients want. He gets the job done, the right way.

When he's not working, he enjoys:
Time with his wife Valerie, being a Grandpa, studying personal performance, direct response marketing, sales, copywriting, and anything to do with bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition. 

Pet Peeve: 
Closed minds not willing to learn, and grow. 

Jack Yurich

Ben Cox  //  Co-Founder & CTO

I'm the Secret Weapon - From software engineering to web design & development, marketing automation, and advanced digital advertising, I've got your back

I love being that guy who helps non-technical people see their dreams come true, because anything they can imagine I can make happen with technology! 

When I'm not working I enjoy:
urban gardening, raising free-range chickens (who eat my garden), and exploring the Southern Caribbean!

Pet Peeves: 
Non-Tech People Making Tech Decisions!
"High Priced Digital Marketers" who haven't taken the time to learn how to set things up for their clients, the right way.

Ben Cox